Saturday, April 11, 2009

Hawksley Burns for Isadora

In 2002, Hawksley published a book (see the picture I took of my copy, complete with grubby fingerprints, above) -- in it is a series of letters written to a woman he calls Isadora. The letters aren't exactly poetry, but aren't plain old prose, either. It's quite beautiful, and sensual, and full of real images that are somehow abstracted in the way he describes them. And, there are some spectacularly lovely phrases that just take my breath away. The following passage is one of those. The last line is my absolute favourite, and sums up my feelings on love rather nicely, I think.
Isadora, I'm your earth-bound candy treat. I'm simple. I'm the one who needs a snorkel to breathe underwater. I'm the one with a wagon-load of shoe polish and peas. I'm all appetite and envy. I'm all for you, strapped by tightly wound ropes to fire and stones. I'm brisk, winter, lemon icicles melting to drop on your tongue. I know the dance moves and destinations but long for the journey with you.
Another of my favourite passages:
You sleep underwater with the stones, making love in your perfect ways. I wish to be your favorite stone. So quiet I'm not there. A lover so dear, you would abandon all else. A quiet so quiet that you have never heard.
Such quiet it could lull a clumsy, ugly world to sleep in its arms.

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  1. Those are some gorgeous words... I'd love to hear you read some of your favorite passages sometime :)