Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Training Day

So, today is my first official day of training for the half-marathon I've committed to walking this fall. We're meeting up at a specialty shoe store to learn about proper marathon-related gear and such, and then heading to a little nearby park to do some work on form and... well, something else form-related. I'm sure they'll remind me when I get there.

Anyhoo. I'm pretty nervous. I don't know anyone that is going to be there, and while I've dealt with similar situations before, I've never done so when I feel so much like a fish out of water. Hopefully the woman who ran the marathon information session I attended and who signed me up for this challenge in the first place (Kelsey) will be there, so that at least there will be one familiar face. And, hopefully, I'll have a lot of new knowledge thanks to the coach who is in charge of the physical aspect of our training (Brock). But we'll see! I might be so busy trying not to make a fool of myself that I walk away with nothing more than a faint buzzing in my ear!

The great and glorious masterpiece of
man is to know how to live to purpose.
Michel de Montaigne

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

b. April 29, 1982

You might be wondering why I chose this particular picture for your first annual birthday bloggy post. That's an easy one! First of all, I heart it very very much because, well, it has YOU in it. Secondly, I think it perfectly captures elements of some of those things I love best about you.

Here are those things in a nice, tidy, and convenient list:
1. Your bravery. This picture was taken sometime during the 9 amazing months you spent in Africa, and while I may be moved to begrudge you that long time away from me, I'm so glad that you went and experienced something so fantastic. I know I will still be hearing new stories about those months for the years to come.
2. Your ingenuity! Finding a comfortable place to sleep when they were few to come by is no small feat, though I'm not sure HOW comfortable those accommodations were for you ;)
3. Your commitment to fashion, even under rough conditions. Isn't that the fancy watch Gerome got you?
4. Your love of music, and of the iPod, which has become an important tool of living to our generation. Some of my favourite memories of our friendship are when you've fitted one of your iPod earbuds into my ear, and the other into yours. Sharing something as everlasting and all-encompassing as music with you has been bliss.
5. Your adorable-ness. Hands-down, you're pretty much the cutest, something that is obvious to everyone - just look at you! Cutie-pie ;)
6. And lastly, your vulnerability. In this picture I see the sweet, soft, and childlike heart of you that I love so much, and that keeps me wishing that I could protect you from all the sad and heart-breaking things that you have, and will, encounter during your life.

There are dozens of other things I could list, other qualities you have in abundance that make you someone so close to my heart. But, you know I've already written all about them, in poems, notes, letters, emails, and Facebook comments. Oh yeah, and I've probably mentioned a few of them to you in person, too. There's no way you don't know that I love you, and that you're my best friend, and that you are someone who keeps me sane by keeping me laughing. But just because you already know those things doesn't mean I can't keep bringin' em up, and thanking you for them.

Thank you.

Oh, and happy birthday, Joshie.

Love Natalie

One more thing... you are so much better of a hugger now than you were when we first met. Can I take credit for that?

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


My coworker Cheryl adopted my boss's fish, but had to leave him here for a couple of days. I took it upon myself to amuse Squiggy today. I can't help but feel a real connection with the cute little guy!

Friday, October 16, 2009

it's not me by Hawksley Workman

it's not me. i don't usually do this. i'm not normally like this.
so where have i been then?
it's not me. where have i gone? how long ago did i leave? can
anyone still see me? and who should i believe, is me? i'm sure that
by the water somewhere, among the broken things that gather there.
i might be found, safe and sound.
why can't i feel? the sadness walks around me. all the terrible
things that i see. how beautiful it's supposed to be, to me?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Downward Spiral

And things in my apartment building, which I pay a large amount of money to live in, continue to degenerate...