Saturday, April 11, 2009

My First Blogger Video

Okay, so I figured out how to do the whole video-y thing on my camera. The result is pretty wretched, but I am posting it anyways because... well... I'm not the best judge. I pretty much think anything involving the sight of my big head is wretched ;) Also, for some inexplicable reason, I appear to have developed some sort of lisp. Do I always have this? I don't know!

I hope I'm not entirely repulsive... or at least that I am so bewitching that my repulsiveness is quickly forgotten ;)


  1. oh, thank you! I love it! :D you know, I had a similar experience on a road trip to BC.. the air in the mountains is the sweetest I've ever tasted. I'd love to share it with you sometime :)

  2. ...and, please don't say that about yourself! Definitely bewitching, never repulsive. Never.