Thursday, April 2, 2009

April Fool's!

A person who would have remained nameless had I not accidentally blurted out her name (okay, so maybe I buckled under Matt's torturous interrogation... or rather, unthinkingly answered when he asked "whose idea was this?") came up with the brilliant idea of playing an April Fool's joke on Matt, since he was out of the office yesterday. She picked up a bunch of balloons on her lunch break...

A motley crew of us gathered to help with the whole 'blowing up of the balloons' process, gaining latex-smelling lips and the taste of rubber on our tongues. I even suffered some serious finger chafing due to the struggle that ensues when one blows up a balloon and then needs to tie it! Thank heavens for Rachel, who is a pro at it thanks to her years at the balloon store! It was super fun, especially those moments when one of us (okay, me) who was mid-blow when someone made them (me) laugh and then all the air escaped from the balloon with a very rude noise.

And then, as we blew up every single one of the balloons, we filled his office with them! Happy April Fool's Day Matt!!!

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