Thursday, April 2, 2009

April Fool's Day: The Fallout

I wasn't in early enough to catch Matt's initial reaction (he was coming in at 7:30, 'cause, there's no way I could have been up early enough to make it by then- seriously- who gets up before 7! (tee hee Li), but I made something up using my imagination and according to that, his reaction played out pretty great!

Matt, commencing the ritual slaughter of the entire balloon population in his office. No, Matt! Let them live, let them live!

At first look, it appears that there are no survivors... but wait!

My baby yellow balloon! The very first one that I blew up!

But, alas, Matt refused to let even baby yellow survive the massacre., no matter how hard or how long I begged for just one glimmer of mercy! Just look at the expression on his face! That, kids, is the very image of evil...

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