Sunday, September 6, 2009


I am making this following list of my very favourite girl names in order to prevent my brother and his very sweet and extraordinarily lovely girlfriend Abra from stealing "my" names for use on their own currently-imaginary future children. I've already lost two names to my cousin Erin, and in one fell swoop (Olivia Claire IS an adorable little girl, though, so no hard feelings), and I can't let that happen again! In no particular order after Grace, here are my five favourite girl names that I am considering for my future female offspring:
1. Grace
2. Ivy
3. Madeline
4. Anne
5. Lily


  1. A copyright names list, excellent idea. Luckily none of "my" names are on your list.

  2. I vote Lily! reason...a-hem

  3. Love your names. I don't know why I didn't know these!! One of mine is Maddison, short Maddie, so I hope this isn't an issue because I am pretty sure that is going to be my first girl name!! you'll have to fight me if it is an issue!! :) Luv, Lorraine