Thursday, July 23, 2009

What's My Name Again?

One of my coworkers, a very verbose and irritating older woman who makes me grit my teeth whenever she tries to talk to me, just came around and gave everyone an updated list of phone numbers, one that now includes me, to tape on their phone. Apparently, she decided that her time would be best spent doing something useless and inane, rather than on doing her actual work. Well, my gaze just fell upon the list, which I've determined I am going to ignore, and I couldn't help but notice the name Nadia on it. Which is weird, 'cause there is no Nadia in our department.

Oh, but wait... there's no Natalie on that list. And, if I'm remembering correctly, Nadia is what this coworker used to call me all the time during the three months I worked here last summer. Hmm.

So, as I sit here and eye the little slip of paper, torn between cringing and laughing, I wonder - do I say anything? Or, do I just let it be?


  1. Srsly? I can't believe she doesn't know who you are! If it were me, I'd go up to her and say "Um, so and so? I see you've distributed the phone list, and I hate to be so nit-picky but I think names are important - I mean, your name is who you are, right? So, anyway, I noticed a little typo with my name... it's actually spelled "N-A-T-A-L-I-E"... Just so you know, you know.".

    Or, if you really feel that's too forward, you could just start going by Nadia. Say it's your new nickname - or, that you're actually a russian spy :) tee hee

  2. i'd just start calling her by a different name...if she can't be bothered to learn yours, why use hers?

  3. No, you should totally email/tell her that your name is not on the list and just let her figure it out herself or leave her completely stumped. Either way, spike the ball into her side of the court.

  4. You should tell her that your name isn't Nadia. And then to completely eff with her, remind her that your name is Susannah.