Friday, July 24, 2009


Josh, Kent, Lorraine, and I saw The Acorn perform at MacDougall United Church last night. They were opening for Bell Orchestre, so only played for about a half an hour, 45 minutes or so, but they put on the most incredible show we could have been there for 10 hours and not felt it! Except for the insufferable heat, that is. How they managed to achieve such a fullness and complexity of sound on a rickety little stage has me in awe of the band's abilities as musicians and performers. I'm SO glad we went :)

I love love love this band. And, I love love love the song that they are playing in the video above, called "Flood". If the camera work is a little shaky, that would be because a) I was trying to record with my camera while also watching the performance itself and couldn't find a comfortable way to position myself so that my arm didn't fall off; and b) I couldn't stop moving in my seat (pew?) because I was so caught up in the music!

Oh, and, my camera cuts out at the very end so I didn't catch the last minute. But, you get the idea. Buy their music. They are AMAZING.

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  1. I am SOOO envious of you! Great recording though, listening to it makes me feel like I was there. Almost.