Thursday, July 2, 2009

Snapshots from the Clarke Family Holiday

Lianna, her son Nikoli, her sister Dejah, and her brother Logan, all came in from the Northwest Territories to visit this past week. The days and nights have been so full I've barely come up for air to check in with real life, and I'm definately not complaining (though my somewhat neglected kitties might be). We walked Whyte Ave (though Dejah kept us in the same store for literally over an hour!), checked out the shifting festivities at Winston Churchill Square, took on West Edmonton Mall, investigated City Centre, rode the LRT, went to a movie, danced a night away at Play, watched the Canada Day fireworks, experienced the consequences of a misbehaving child and then got to see him be genuinely remorseful, withstood sibling conflict, lost a hotel room card, sang some songs, watched some cartoons, did a lot of laughing, saw a real English Sheepdog, utilized our cellphones fully, and most importantly, really got to know eachother.

I don't know how I'm going to say goodbye tomorrow...

Dejah and Nikoli on the big boat at Galaxyland

Logan and Dejah posing at the bus stop

Mom and son walking down Whyte Avenue

Cheeky monkey!

Nikoli, watching for fireworks from Auntie Dejah's shoulders

The Clarkes, on our way to Canada Day fireworks :o)

Nikoli's "Blue Steel"

Pleeeeeeease, Mom?

Lianna and her young man on the rollercoaster at Galaxyland (for the 3rd time)

Dejah enchants another Edmonton admirer
The Legislative grounds on Canada Day


  1. Those are some great pics honey.... Thanks for making us look so good! No one will ever know how crazy we really are.. Mwuh, ha ha ha ha! Whoops, did I say that out loud? Do over, do over! Aw... :)

  2. Looks like you had a really good time with Lianna and her family. I hope you have more pics I can see next week. Kinda sad there weren't any pics of you and Lianna together.