Friday, June 26, 2009

All Hail The Bloggess!

So, I follow the blog Cake Wrecks here on Blogger, and the author of said blog put up a post about this site that is doing blog awards:

Anyways, she wants to win the 'funniest blog' award, which is cool, cause it is a pretty funny blog. BUT, before I voted, I thought, maybe I should check and see if The Bloggess is nominated -- and she is. So, sorry Cake Wrecks, but while you may be sweet and entertaining, I gave my vote to The Bloggess and will be voting for her every day until the end of the day on July 6th, which is when voting closes.

I'd like to put out a call to anyone who reads my blog who ALSO reads The Bloggess and recognizes that while Cakewrecks has cake, and puns, and such, Jenny The Bloggess is the funniest woman alive, and deserves to win every award that's available to her. So, go and vote for her... now!

And, if you don't read The Bloggess, you'd better start! Seriously, people. Funniest woman ever!

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