Thursday, June 18, 2009

Return of the Mack

Poor Bagheera... after having a blissful week of being the only cat on the premises, his rival for our human affections, Asia, was returned to the household in the same kitty-carry-bag we sent her away in. She's spent the last few days stalking Baggie like he's a beetle, alternating between hissing and moaning at him as if to re-establish her position as the dominant feline. As if Bagheera would put up a fight... he possesses the most gentle nature of any creature I've ever come into contact with.

So, instead of his usual carefree excursions through the apartment as he goes in search of some tummy rubs, ear scratches, snicky-snacks, or plastic crap to chew on, Bagheera has returned to spending most of his time laying in the shady spot under the futon, safely away from Asia and her claws. But only for awhile... when Steve and Abra move out/in together, they're taking custody of the big guy - and he'll love it!

1 comment:

  1. I can just imagine her creeping up on him, all stalker like - she's a little toughie!