Thursday, June 18, 2009

Age of Aqueerius!

Last Saturday was the Edmonton Pride Parade (yes, TD, we realize you sponsored the event, but you don't OWN it) and it was SO fun. I wasn't feeling ultra-festive, but fortunately my best friend knows when I'm trying to wiggle out of a social engagement and refused me my out (heh heh). Anyways, I'm incredibly thankful that I was there and part of something so amazing and fun and so full of life, love, and colour!

It was especially meangingful that I was there because, while I would have gone anyways to show my support for the members of the GLBTQ community that I love, I'm also a member of that community and felt especially proud to be there. Which is what the day is for :o) I just wish my Lianna had been there, because it is the one time of the year when we could have held hands on Jasper Avenue without feeling like it might not be a good idea.

Am I the only one who doesn't feel that this float offers an extra bit of incentive for joining Team Edmonton sports club? Tee hee ;o)

Josh's good friend, and my friend too (though I haven't seen him in forever!) Sean was somewhere on the Queer Bus... a good friend of HIS owns The Empress Ale House, which hosts Beers for Queers. Apparently it's super fun, and since it's practically right down the street from me, I'd better make it there at least once this summer...

I loved this float! So bright and rainbow-licious!

Loved this one, too... for the same reason as the pic above :o) Colour and balloons and smiles and boys in speedos! Yum! The guy in the blue one put on a little show for spectators at the beer garden at Winston Churchill Square!

Yum! Suckers are the perfect Pride Parade treat :o)

Well, except for the obvious eye candy ;o) My two favourite boys sporting their Pride Day beads!

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  1. Cool! I'm glad you had fun, Nat.
    Also, as an unrelated side note, I am a big fan of that green recycle shirt.