Thursday, June 25, 2009

In Search of Home

My favourite part of my job – which I’m pretty sure I’m okay to blog about – used to be entering divorce documents. I don’t know why… I mean, they’re pretty depressing, really. But I liked getting to see pictures of the people involved, and I liked competing to be the data entry operator who entered documents for the shortest marriage ever… oh, and I liked to see the age differences between the couples… that was occasionally VERY interesting.

But, all of the family law-related documents are on the provincial side now, so I don’t get to see anything along those lines, any more. My second favourite kinds of documents used to be the affidavits of value… they are the documents that are done by home appraisers who go in to a house that is being repossessed by the mortgagor and determine the worth of it. I like those because, again, they have pictures. But, I’m finding that I don’t enjoy entering these as much as I used to. In fact, I’m finding that they make me sadder and sadder, because firstly, there are A LOT of them. Which means there are A LOT of people who are in the process of losing their home right now. It’s not really a surprise that this is happening, as when Edmonton had its big boom and housing costs skyrocketed, everyone was saying how in a couple of years all the people who purchased homes at those unbelievable prices weren’t going to be able to keep up with the payments… and, I guess its true.

When I was in high school, my parents filed for bankruptcy and we lost our house. At the time, I guess I wasn’t as upset as I would be now because I was more happy that my parents were finally getting divorced. I guess that’s what happens when you witness the kind of relationship that my mother and father had with eachother… divorce, losing the house, losing our dogs… it was all okay *lol* But, when I think about it now, when I think about having a home, making a home, and then having circumstances change and having to face the prospect of losing that home… its terrifying!

I’m pretty big on the idea of ‘home’… ever since we moved to Edmonton when I was 12, I really haven’t felt like I’ve had one. After we lost the house we moved so many times it was really hard to develop any sort of connection with any of the places we lived. Even now, knowing that come May of next year I’m going to have to move again, I can’t really feel like I’m putting down roots. Which is what really makes me feel bad for these people who are losing their houses… they thought they would be able to make a home for themselves, and it didn’t turn out that way, after all. That’s gotta be pretty heartbreaking for them to deal with.

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