Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hanna's Hard Rockers

Don't judge me, but I'm listening to Nickelback right now, and I'm TOTALLY enjoying it. Why am I listening to Alberta's favourite rock'n'rollas? Because my brother is folding laundry, and the condition of me getting to check if my grapes are ready to harvest was that we listen to his music while I do so. Nickelback is pretty much as good as it gets when it comes to my brother's music collection. Ha ha! Just kidding ;) He does have an extensive playlist of Mariah Carey songs.

But, seriously, I like Nickelback. Obviously they aren't 'known' for making zeitgeist-y, relevant music that will teach future generations about life as we know it now. And that's fine - not all music has to have a deeper meaning. And yes, I say this because I heart Britney like nuthin' else. Nickelback is just... fun. Except the song about the abusive father. I don't like that one - it's not fun at all.

The first - and only - time I saw Nickelback in concert was the summer when they were on the cusp of EXPLODING with "How You Remind Me." They put on a totally great show, and had everyone going crazy. And let me reiterate - this was before they were huge. So, it wasn't just the result of having thousands of fad followers... they really do have that special something that makes people love them.

And, when I say "that special something" y'all know I'm not talking about Chad Kroeger's hair. I mean, when is he going to figure THAT out?

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