Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Bits and Trips

Contrary to popular opinion, Farm Town isn't the ONLY thing that's kept me from updating my blog of late. Truth be told, there's been quite a few things happening in my little world - quite a few things involving quite a LOT of emotional turmoil. I tend to shy away from any sort of creative expression in times like these... firstly, because my general mood always taints everything I touch. And, secondly, I need space and a serious amount of elapsed time before I can get enough perspective on things to be able to share about them.

So, yeah. To avoid incomprehensible ramblings, I've simply avoided writing anything at all. But, today I'm feeling a tad gregarious, at least in a bloggy-type-way, so decided to put forth an update, of sorts.

This is the face of an allergy sufferer. See the redness under my poor little achy nose? PITY ME!! It's been about two months of constant sniffles and sneezes now, and I'm about ready to hang up my hat and just plain call it a day.

Someone started a fire in the dumpster behind my building. At least, I assume someone started it. Intentionally. Because I think everyone around me is secretly an arsonist. Waiting to slice open my achilles tendons and set me on fire when I least expect it.

Josh and I went to Elephant & Castle last Friday. I got the Bangers 'n' Mash because it sounded fun. When it came out, the first thought I had was, I need to get a picture of this for Kelley because this meal would make her ill on SO MANY LEVELS. So, here ya go, Kelley :o)

And, at some point when I wasn't quite paying attention, Edmonton bloomed... and along with it, my heart.


  1. The Bangers 'n' Mash looks GROSS! Was is at leasy edible? Tasty?

  2. A little warning please Natty. I was eating for god's sake. *barf*