Wednesday, May 27, 2009

64 Bomb!

Today's lunchtime adventure took the intrepid members of the JWN Lunchtime Adventure Club to the Sunrise Cafe, a little hole-in-the-wall mom-n-pop-shop conveniently located directly across from the neighbourhood high school. The location of the Sunrise Cafe is a key feature of what the little restaurant has to offer. Obviously, it has food: chicken burgers, BLTs, and grilled cheese sandwiches, to list a few of our own selections. It also has ambience: a late-70s model organ (yes, the instrument) sitting dormant in the corner, tables illustrated with cattle-branding icons, mismatched plastic chairs, and random pictures framed and hung on the walls. But most importantly, it has class. If, by class, I mean tables full of high school students on their lunch break.

Definitely the place to go if one wishes to study the youth of our species. There was the the table of seniors, all looking tough and slick and at least four years older than their fellow lunching students, who left shortly after we had placed our orders. There was the younger 'cool' kids, a collection of boys with textured bangs falling into their eyes and girls in blue tank tops who were still coming to terms with their changing bodies. And, of course, there was the ubiquitous table of nerds, and when I say nerds, I am not doing the word a disservice and using it out of place. These kids were everything I would have avoided back when I was their age. I mean, I wasn't cool, but I WAS on the up-and-up, in that purgatorial middle place where all the nice girls and boys with brains find themselves slotted.

So, obviously, the nerds were the only people in that place with personality. Therefore, they became the featured entertainment for the lunch-hour. Not, of course, that they were aware of their newly elevated status. The six or seven boys, all with various hair lengths both on their heads AND on their faces, were zealously involved in the playing of a game that I had initially thought might be Magic: The Gathering, but ended up being something much more juvenile. Fortunately, Kelley knows her kids trading-card action games, or we may never have known that they were playing (?) Yu-Gi-Oh.

Some of the comments we heard: "But I can't fight, I'm in a wall!" "Meow is the sound that turtles make." "Quack quack goes the zebra!" "All I wanted was a large fries, man." "I don't owe him nothing, that's bullsh*t."

And etcetera. It was amusing, but more in that you-had-to-be-there kind of way. I had a good time :) But apparently, we don't get to go back :(

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  1. Girl on the CornerMay 27, 2009 at 9:34 PM

    Oh wow. I was there for 3 years and never knew this place existed.

    How come you can't go back?