Wednesday, April 1, 2009

There Goes the Neighbourhood

Bus shelters are pretty prone to graffiti, and mine is no different. Fortunately, the area where I catch the #81 home is pretty nice and residential-y, as shown by the words scrawled across the shelter's plasti-glass walls:

"WAFFLEZ: Love Forever!!! :P" Aw! So sweet! I love waffles!

"PIXA" With a little flourish under it... how cute!

"PIXIII" Look at that gorgeous heart! Love it! Ooh, and I also love fairies!
And then... inexplicably.. P.A.T.T.

Seriously! All the hearts and stars and swirly bits! So fun, so pretty even! But yesterday, as I was waiting for the bus after work, I noticed a few new additions to the scenery...

Luckily, my year of living in the ghett-to has hardened me enough that being told to "Smoke it Bitch" isn't as offensive as it could have been. But still. I wish we had our very own Banksy...

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