Friday, March 27, 2009

If You Don't Have Anything Nice to Say... Talk About the Weather

Snow again this morning, but I can't say I really minded. The temperature was warm, and the snowflakes were huge and lovely and everything looked a little magical, like everything the snow touched was imbued with a heavenly sort of hue. Even my place of work:

I stood out front for a bit (under the little canopy, of course) and just enjoyed the moment. There's something about those few last seconds before officially starting the day that is almost luxurious, so thick with possibility and promise. I was also hoping that if I waited long enough, the perfect shot of the elements would present itself. This is what I got:

It is ridiculously hard to get a good picture of snow, at least when you are a rank amateur such as myself. But seriously, look at the size of those flakes! If I could catch them on film, you KNOW they had to have been huge. Thankfully, though, the snow stopped mid-morning and we were treated to the benevolent attentions of a gorgeous afternoon sun. Which was great, since today was The Official JWN Buenavista Social Club's first official event, a little something called Spring Fling! And, when the work day was done, it really DID feel like spring, especially as I saw something long-awaited while heading towards my bus stop:

Sure, it's a little more brown than green, but hey, I'm not picky.

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