Thursday, March 26, 2009

Cake Day

Every month, instead of having several separate birthday celebrations, our company has one big cake day. We call it "Cake Day." It's a nice way to get a bunch of us from different departments all in the same room for a little mixin' and minglin'. AND, now that Rianne is in charge of getting the cake (with some assistance, of course) we can be assured that never again will this company's staff have to suffer through the gross misrepresentation of carrot cake as birthday cake.

Safari cake! I call dibs on the elephant booty!
Kelley, insuring that I get my choice slice. Thanks Kelley!Rianne, sans cellphone, asserting her position of authority at the table in a different way than usual.
Rawan and Joseph, starting the new trend of saying grace AFTER eating.
Alanna, who opted not to use the fork in her hand.

And, of course, my piece of cake, which I shouldn't have eaten 'cause it's not healthy but which I did because there is no way on earth I could pass up the thick glob of icing that was the pachyderm's behind.

Check out the before and after:

I'm sorry, I don't care what any of you people say, the only thing that I should find between two layers of cake is more ICING! Not pudding, not jam, not jelly, not nuthin'. Except for maybe whipped cream. And cherries, if we're talking about a black forest cake. Yum.

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