Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Copstash Standard

Yesterday, as I was walking to City Centre Mall after work, I crossed paths with an East Indian mother pushing a stroller with a two year old in it while badgering her eleven-year-old to get away from the fountains. I couldn't help but notice that said eleven-year-old had enough hair above his upper lip to be described as the young-adult version of a full moustache! This led me to wonder two things: 
  1. How do you spell moustache?  and...
  2. Is it considered a good thing by an eleven-year-old boy to have a substantial representation of facial hair? I mean, is it cool? Or is it embarrassing? When this kid walks down the hallway at school, does he get those nods of approval that only the cool can dole out, or does he get held upside down in the boy's toilet for swirly after swirly? 

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