Friday, May 1, 2009

When You Are Engulfed in Flames

So, I've decided to think of Dani and I's recent vacation as the "Trial and Error Trip", with a strong emphasis on the error part. Before we left, we were subjected to a fusillade of advice on how to survive Las Vegas. Drink lots of water, wear sunscreen, bring comfy shoes, and stretch before heading out! Well, not the last one, but someone SHOULD have said something! Not that we would have listened, 'cause we didn't listen to any of the other advice, either.

Our first full day we spent walking the part of the strip with New York New York, Excalibur, and the Luxor. We also explored Paris, and our own resort. While our shoes weren't 6-inch high stilettos, they might not have been the best choices for hours of being on our feet. As a result, by the time we made it to the Bellagio that night for our first view of the fountain show, neither Dani's feet nor my own were in good shape. I will say, though, that while my left foot required 3-blister-bandage treatment, Dani's poor tootsies did most of the suffering:

By Tuesday morning our feet were a little bit better, thanks to a tub soaking and many medicated bandages. Unfortunately, the rest of our legs decided to fuck with us (pardon my French) by seizing up and stiffening oh most awkwardly. We ended up hobbling around like gibbled 90-year-old's.

But on Wednesday, our bodies were almost back to normal. Feet? Good! Calves? Good! Best part? It was pool day! Or, at least, pool half-a-day. After switching spots once, we nailed some prime real estate around the pool and commenced sun tanning and splish-splashing. The cool water of the pool sure came in handy as the sun was so hot I swear my hair was sweating. I'd take a dip when I couldn't handle the relentless weight of the sun on my skin any longer. Then, refreshed and fortified, I'd lay in the sun a little longer. Unfortunately, sunscreen comes off in the water. Even more unfortunately, sunburns have a tendency not to reveal themselves until AFTER the fact. The following is a picture I took of myself in the sun, an hour and a half or so before the screaming agony set it:

When I got out of the bed today, it was the first time I could bend without wanting to scream in about 24 hours. Is the face above one belonging to an idiot? Some days, yes. But, on the plus side, Las Vegas IS an amazing city. We saw so much that was so unbelievable, and that made the suffering worthwhile.


  1. 1) Ouch! I've always favored comfortable shoes, myself... :P And sunburn is the worst... I hope it's feeling better now.

    2) Another gorgeous picture! The second one, of course, I mean I'm not all freaky about blisters.. or feet... or blistery feet... not that there's anything wrong with Dani's feet.. but, yeah, second picture, you = gorgeous :D

  2. EW...I can't believe you put up that pic of my ugly blistery feet!!!

    Oh, the horror!