Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Do you ever get the feeling that there is a furry caterpillar crawling across your rib cage? It's so weird.

Also, I hate Alberta weather. Why can't the rain wait until I'm home before falling? That way, I stay dry, and the farmers get their water. Hopefully there won't be rain the rest of this week - Edmonton needs to put her best face on for my visitor :)

And, it's going to be difficult to resist my seasonal urges this spring. Well, at least in regards to cyclists. As I believe I may have mentioned to some, when being passed by individuals on bicycles I have to fight this nearly overwhelming desire I have to kick their tires and send them sprawling face first across the pavement. It is an obviously unhealthy longing, but it continues to grow stronger year after year. If you're going to be travelling on your two-wheeler through my neighbourhood, you'd better watch out.

Ha ha. Just kidding.

1 comment:

  1. I'd honestly never considered kicking out a cyclist's tire, but I'm now going to have to fight the urge every time too. Thank you.