Saturday, May 23, 2009


The screen that fits into our kitchen window is missing one of it's little holdy-in-er things, so when I open that window it is literally wide open. Bagheera came close to falling out of it once, even! But, you know, other than the slight chance of injury to the cats, it works out alright. Except, today, as I was eating my egg sandwich, the most ENORMOUS bee buzzed THROUGH the open window and IN TO THE APARTMENT. Not moving half as slowly as I should have been, I jumped up from the couch and slammed myself against the balcony doors in terror. The bee did it's lazy buzzing dance around the light fixtures in the kitchen, and nearly caused me to crumble in hysteria as it flirted with entering the living room. Thank the lord it didn't. Eventually it slowly zzzzed and swung its ginormous body back towards the open window, and then through it. I raced across the room and slammed the window shut, my heart beating like crazy. And then I shuddered one of those whole-body shudders that run through you when you've just witnessed something truly horrifying.
As I sat back down to finish my lunch, I tried to figure out what it was about bees and other insects and arachnids that so effectively struck terror into giant human beings. And I think I came up with something. See, bees don't speak English. I mean, I can't just say to the bee, hey dude, you're creeping me out and invading my life space - can you just, you know, leave? I can't just tell the bee that he's freaking me out, and I'm liable to act all crazy if he gets any closer, which is exactly what I would do. And when I start acting all crazy-like, I can't say, well Mr. Bee, this is all your fault! Instead, the bee thinks, danger and danger, and is liable to come and sting me! And you know, it's just a huge big matter of miscommunication!
Where there exists a language barrier, there exists a huge element of unpredictability - you have no real idea what the other creature is about unless you can find some way of telling eachother just that.
*shudder* It seriously was the biggest bee I have ever, ever seen, though. Truly terrifying.


  1. I'm so glad you survived the attack natty. Maybe you shouldn't open that window ever again just so you stay safe from the non-english speaking bees. Luv you!!!

  2. I wish I was there... I totally would've thrown myself on that bee for you. Totally.

    Hope you're recovering nicely! >hugz<