Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tuesday Wrap-Up

I'm rather in danger of posting a list of all the ways in which I am currently feeling sorry for myself... but am doing my best to resist! Instead, here are some pics from my walk from work to the bus stop last night:

Here we have an unusual sight... for the past week or so there have been these two teal bikes, attached to each other, and missing their rear wheels, just sitting here at the head of the path! I'd been meaning to take a picture of those alone, but then yesterday there was this NEW addition - a rainbow-coloured bike, missing it's FRONT wheel! I didn't look to see if it was still there this morning, but something tells me it was.


So, I eventually move on and am walking further down the long path when a person merged on to it with their dog. I say person because I really couldn't tell if they were a man or a woman from my particular vantage point. The reason I mention this, though, is because as soon as the dog (a little Jack Russell Terrier, I think) caught a whiff of another human within a 30 foot radius he went on full alert! His human kept having to tug him along 'cause every few dancing steps that he took he would stop and turn around to look at me! It was so cute! I still had my camera in my hand so I zoomed in a HUGE amount (seriously, I was pretty far back - the zoom on my camera is AMAZING) and snapped this photo without even really looking to see what I was capturing (I had to be quick in case I got caught!)... and this is what I got:

I couldn't have timed it more perfectly!

Dogs are so great. Seeing this little guy made me think of a message I just received from someone very dear to me... she was saying how she wishes that people were more compassionate to others, more good to others, and I couldn't help but think that maybe people should be more like dogs. Loyal, endlessly loving, full of an almost physical sort of empathy and concern, bright, curious about the world around them, and eager to say hello to everyone they meet. Of course, I'm describing an ideal dog, but you get the idea. Ah, well. Maybe I just really really really want a dog.

Then, when I got home, I was surprised to find a package for me from my good friend David. He's the program director at the University of Victoria's campus radio station, and I had called in a month or two ago to donate to their yearly fundrive. Anyways, in lieu of a tax receipt I asked David to send me something from the station's 'Small Room of Big Prizes', anything that he thought I might like. And this is the first half of the treats he is to send:

I'm so excited to crack these open and listen to them! David has crazy taste in music, and we don't cross paths a lot in what we listen to, but he has a pretty good idea of what I like, so I can't wait to hear what he picked out for me!!

I will admit, though, I had this very infinitesmally small narrow sliver of hope that the package was from someone who had hinted she might have something to send me... but this is still pretty great. ;)


  1. You would make an excellent paparrazo. Maybe that dog just knew that you were going to take a photo of him so he was trying to pose for you?

  2. well if you are ever in serious need of a dog fix, i'll bring the pug down for a visit :)

  3. Arts & Crafts sampler! Sweet! I want that after you are done with it. Did you know A&C are responsible for such great artists as Broken Social Scene, Feist, Stars, The Dears, The Stills.... I could go on and on.