Thursday, April 9, 2009

Sob Songs

As per Girl on the Corner's request, here is a short list of my all-time sobbiest sob songs/albums... I don't want to get into too much detail because then the songs on my CDs for Li won't be as much of a surprise, so here is just a small sampling:

Pretty much anything by Rascal Flatts that is even remotely love-related gets me bawling. I know, country sucks, but, trust me - nobody does love songs better than these guys.
I can't remember how I found Elbow, but I love love love this album. On it are two of THE most beautiful love songs I have ever heard in my life: Mirrorball, and Starlings. They make me cry.

I saw The Lion King in theatres for the first time by myself. About three seconds into the opening credits, when I heard "The Circle of Life", I started weeping silently. It's ridiculous! And don't even get me started on "Can You Feel the Love Tonight."
This man has a gorgeous, heavenly voice. I could sleep in it, wrap it around me like a foggy comforter and fall into slumber. There are a good four or five songs on this particular album that break my heart, then rebuild it.

Really, do I need to say anything? I was lucky enough to see Art Garfunkel perform at the Jubilee about a year and a half ago, and even though it wasn't quite the same hearing him sing "Bridge Over Troubled Water" solo, it still made me cry pretty hard.

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  1. Wow... I just listened to Skin... that's powerful stuff. *sniff, sniff* :')