Thursday, April 9, 2009

Not For the Faint of Heart (or stomach)

After I got home from work this afternoon I opened up all the windows and the doors on the balcony to let in some fresh air - I can't get enough of the stuff! I feel like the cool crisp spring breeze is cleaning out not only the musty pet smell in my apartment but also the musty ache of winter from my very insides. I was sitting in the sunny spot with Asia, the little kitty, watching Bagheera sniff his way around the living room, when I noticed something odd about his, ahem, rear area. I cooed at him and called him over, and when he was within arms reach, delicately arranged his feline body so that I could raise his tail and get a closer look. My stomach totally dropped when I realized he had what appeared to be a length of rubber band trailing out his little poop-shoot.

Bagheera is TERRIBLE for eating anything and everything. I think I've mentioned his affection for ribbon and its consequences in an earlier post. Anyways, I cried out for my brother who, thankfully, was home to assist. He had me pin Bagheera down as he commenced the removal of the rubber band, and it was NOT fun, for any of us! I hate physically restraining my pets, my brother certainly didn't relish removing something from someone's ass, and poor Bagheera... well, he wasn't enjoying himself much, either. Fortunately, it was over relatively quickly and all is well with the cat. But, just look at the wound he gave me! Little bugger.

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  1. Ouchie! Aw, wish I was there to kiss it better ;)