Saturday, April 25, 2009


Ahhh. I have just sat down after being go-go-go all day today. I was at 8am to meet my Godparents for breakfast. They're my surrogate parents, so I can't really complain about getting my ass out of bed for them. After some delicious pancakes at Route 99 they dropped me off (I seriously would have walked, but it was snowing and my Auntie Carol and Uncle Bob refused to let me brave the elements!) and I took care of some things around the apartment while waiting for Josh to call me for our date today. Then, he monopolized my time for the next few hours, my favourite part of which was our lunch at the Upper Crust Cafe. Yum yum yum!!!! I love it there so much! Thanks for treating, Joshie ;)

Then, after I got home, I REALLY went to work. I cleaned up the entire apartment (save for my brother's room), INCLUDING the bathroom (ugh), and the kitchen. Everything is spotless, which makes me feel ridiculously pleased with myself. How domestic of me! Maybe I WOULD make someone a good wife after all ;)

Then, once my surroundings were cleaned, I set to cleaning myself in preparation for departure tomorrow. The whole grooming process took me a couple of hours and a LOT of water. If I am single-handedly responsible for Edmonton running out of hot water, I would not be surprised. Tee hee. So now I am fully smoothed and lotioned and pinked and buffed! Woot. :)

Now, I just have to pack! *lol* Sigh. If only I could stop listening to the Hoedown Throwdown over and over again I might be able to remove myself from the computer...


  1. Eerie... I was cleaning today too!

    Btw, where is that picture on the wall behind you of? It's gorgeous! I love city scapes :) ...that is what it is, right?

  2. Yup :) It's actually in my brother's room - it's L.A. :) From Ikea! I love Ikea :) The best thing about it is it's all black and white except for the main roads with the lights and traffic - that's the only part with colour. It's very cool (and also very heavy!).

  3. Btw, as I'm rereading my comment here I'm kicking myself for not mentioning just how pretty I think you are... I hope it's not entirely lame that I'm saying it now :)