Saturday, April 25, 2009

Farm Town

So, I joined this adorable new application-slash-game on Facebook called Farm Town. You get a patch of land on which you can plow little gardens and plant things like grapes and tomatoes and rice. So, my potato fields are 98% done, which means in another 2% I need to harvest those potato fields, and then either store the potatoes in my storage shed thingie, or sell them at the marketplace. If I DON'T harvest those potato fields in time, then they go to waste.

I'm sitting here, waiting for my imaginary potato fields to finish growing, before I let myself carry on with my un-imaginary day. This is either quirky and adorable, or just plain sad.


  1. Quirky and adorable, definitely :)

  2. haha the sad thing is me and my friend are doing the same thing! See its 4am and we planted grapes. Grapes only take 4 hours. Our grapes still have 2 more hours + 4 hours before they go to waste :(