Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tax Time

Yesterday I went over to Josh and Kent's place (or Kent and Josh's place?) to do my taxes. Well, to hang out, AND to do my taxes. Even though Quicktax is pretty much the easiest program to use, when I mentioned going at it alone, Josh very sternly told me 'no'. He probably said it a meaner way, but I can't remember. The word stupid was probably mentioned, though.

Of course, much laughter was had by all (by me). Josh and Kent are hilarious on their own, but together, their powers reach unparalleled heights! They're pretty great. Every time I think that the amount of love I have for these two has reached it's apex, a new pinnacle of adoration presents itself.

Kent is the hunk... Josh is, well, the other one. *lol*

And the actual tax-related results weren't too bad. The good? I don't have to pay anything back! The not-so-good? I didn't get the $100,000 refund that I was hoping for... :-(

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