Monday, March 16, 2009

Spring Breakup?

I hate to write about the weather, but it is a huge topic around here, at least of late. Maybe it comes with living in Alberta and suffering under a seriously bi-polar sky? I can't remember from that long ago, but do Northwest Territorians dwell so much on the vagaries of the temperature?

I was walking through the downfall of thick fluffy snowflakes on my way to work this morning and came across something in the parking lot I pass through that looked like it should be a sign of spring... if it wasn't going to be completely covered by a downy duvet of white stuff in just a few minutes.

In Hay River, spring breakup was a little more relevant than it would be in landlocked Alberta. We used to use the frozen river as a roadway during the winter months, so there was always serious caution exercised in the early days of spring as motorists tested the sturdiness of the seasonal thoroughfare. I wonder if the adults had betting pools on when it would become completely impassable? I so would! One thing I can remember, though, is my crazy mother instilling the fear of god (capital G?) in me regarding the river when I was a kid... so I'm pretty sure I never once stepped foot on it.

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