Friday, March 20, 2009

Little Garbage Hound

Our sink at home is filled with dirty dishes (which I promise will get done tonight 'cause that's how I spend my exciting Fridays) -- which attracts my cat Asia like, well, like a cat to dried up food on dinner plates. While she looks like the most elegant little princess kitty the world has ever seen, she is the dirtiest little garbage picker! Seriously. If we leave a bag of trash by the door, within moments she's ripped a whole in it's side and is pulling out crap to gnaw on. If there is any sort of food item left unattended for as little as two minutes, she's sinking her teeth into it. And, if there are dishes in the sink, she will root around in them until she has licked every inch of every item clean. It's disgusting, and not at all healthy for her. But mostly, it's just really annoying!

So, last night she was foraging around in the sink, as she does when there are ANY amount of dishes in there. The clinking clattering sound of her nudging plates and bowls around was driving me crazy, so I had to get up and cover the dishes with every towel we have. Then, after about 20 minutes of that not working, I ended up grabbing a fleece throw and covered the dishes with IT in the hopes she would lose interest. Well, she did... she left the kitchen and curled up under my covers with me. But, after I had my shower this morning, this is what I found:

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