Monday, March 9, 2009

I'm Not Falling Apart

Daylight savings time again, and I don't know that I saw any difference this morning. In fact, it seemed darker than usual when I finally emerged from the warm cocoon I'd shaped beneath my duvet. The cat, stiff-legged and disgruntled at being divested of her nesting space along the side of my sleeping body, meowed at me while I pulled open the blinds, lending her kitty voice to my own dismay at finding the world still dark beyond the glass pane of the window.

Thank heavens for all the natural light in the proofing room! It's nice to have concrete evidence that the sun DOES shine while I am working industriously indoors. It is getting tiresome, though, squinting at the white flurries being flung every which way by the wind and trying to figure out if it is actually snowing outside, or if it's just old snow being blown about. My coworker asked me if I'd prefer cold or snow, and I picked cold without hesitation. While I do have to walk through both on the 10 minute trek from bus stop to business of employ, at least I don't have to slog through the bristly weather like I'm on snowshoes or defective stilts... nor does the cold soak through my shoes and socks and leave them squishy for the remainder of the day.

Speaking of squishy, I could really go for a cola slush with a splash of cream soda on top right now.

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